The Trusted: Getting Heavier With Doosmday

Great to catch this track from one of my favorite UK bands, The Trusted. These four lads from Southend-On-Sea are going on seven years of existence with over two dozen releases and what’s got to be close to a hundred gigs. What I love about this track is that you can hear a bit of that early angst that was prevalent in their 2017 single “Boy,” and a bit heavier than their 2021 release “Vellichor.”

“Vellichor” displays their growth as musicians, and Tom’s skill as a singer and melody writer really shine in the following releases “Arkansas “ and “Terrible Fight.” “Doomsday” takes all of it to the next level - let’s check it out.

Love the vocal effect intro and dig the full band intro. Great, heavy swinging riff. Production is top notch and when the verse come in , Tom’s melody is a perfectly wound rope around the band that extends through each elevated chorus, and the breakdown after the solo. There are some nice extra touches in the mix that add some great depth to the sound - I recommend checking out this track with a decent set of cans. From a lyrical perspective, it’s a heavy topic, and Tom makes you believe it. “This song is one that hits close to home for all of us. It's a powerful reminder of the chaotic world we live in and the toll it can take on our mental health.” Tom’s delivery is right on point with that angst. I really love hearing how great bands started, grew and continue to get better, and can’t get over how great I think his delivery is on this track. Go back and listen to some of those earlier tracks I referenced above and then listen to this - you’ll see what I mean. You’ll also notice a considerable growth in the depth of their lyrics.

On the bass, Fin’s playing is money. Love his choice of line, his pick playing and his tone. He’s not bragging, he doesn’t have to, he’s just holding it down perfectly in sync with Dave on drums. Fin and Dave have a solid vibe that in some settings has reminded me of Cold Play and U2, but here it’s simpler and heavier - a bit of Seattle, and a bit of Blur. That type of playing takes maturity. Dale on guitar is the wildcard in this setting - his tones are what can transform every song to easily move between genres and styles, and it shines in the solo after the second chorus. The track was record, mixed and produced by Rees Broomfield of SS2 Studios - he did a hell of a job in keeping the parts and tones clean.

The ending comes as a surprise, but it’s perfect when you consider the topic, the lyrics and the delivery. It’s another reason to love this band and hope they continue. Nice job lads, hope to see you in the States soon - you have a place to crash in Nashville for your tour. ;)

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